Friends and Family

Only Taste Matters – a baking blog by Elle Kirschenbaum who eschews glutenous flours for richer and more decadent ingredients. As my spouse, she was most helpful with this site.

Ken Shih’s Page – features artwork ranging from the Renaissance inspired to computer generated Automata patterns.

Daniel Scher’s Blog – features articles on the fun side of math, utilizing his award-winning  software.

Todd Kirschenbaum – dedicated to matching people with their ideal homes in NYC, he has also been a great brother.

Origami Supplies and Resources

OrigamiUSA – home of the largest origami organization in America complete with a great place to buy supplies.

Kim’s Crane -has a great selection of large sized papers, including an excellent assortment of Kraft papers.

Origami Shop – is run by French origami artist Nicolas Terry. He has a a separate location in the USA so my shipping cost is even lower. An amazing selection of products, and they produce their own books.

NY Central Art Supply – has one of the best paper selections, and they will deliver.

Origami Database – a valuable resource for locating published origami works.

Joseph Wu’s Origami Page – is one of the first major origami pages on the Internet, and still features great content. It likely contains the most exhaustive list of origami links on the Internet.

Robert Lang’s Origami Page – is filled with the latest developments by this groundbreaking origami artist.

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